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Infinity Agrovet Limited offers a comprehensive range of services for the agro industry in Bangladesh. With the aim to support and enhance the productivity of fish and shrimp farmers, the company has established a team of knowledgeable professionals who provide technical services and consultation throughout the country.

The technical team at Infinity Agrovet is equipped with the expertise to offer valuable insights and guidance on various aspects of fish and shrimp farming. They assist farmers with advice on best practices, disease prevention, water quality management, and feed management. By leveraging their experience and knowledge, the team strives to maximize the yield and profitability of the farmers.

In addition to their services in fish and shrimp farming, Infinity Agrovet also offers technical expertise in feed mills. They specialize in fish feed production, nutrition, and formulation. Their professionals work closely with feed mill operators, providing guidance on the selection of ingredients, formulation of balanced feed, and monitoring feed quality.

Overall, Infinity Agrovet Limited is committed to serving the agro industry in Bangladesh by providing exceptional technical services and consultation in fish and shrimp farming, as well as in feed mills. Their dedication to excellence has contributed to their reputation as one of the fastest-growing agro-based companies in the country.

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Provide technical services & consultation among the fish & shrimp farmers throughout the country by Infinity technical team.

Feed Mills

Provide Fish Feed Production, Nutrition, formulation


Providing total services regarding fish farming in big farms.


Provide technical knowledge for the small & backward fish farms by Infinity technical team.

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